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The origin of the word "ANAME"

Angel Pequignet September 2017

Annam is simply the name of Vietnam from 618 to 939. In the 19th century, the French also called it that. Subsequently, the name designated a French protectorate from 1883 to 1945, in central Indochina, the north being then called "Tonkin" and the south "Cochinchina".

The term Vietnam according to its modern use imposed itself after 1945.

In the name "Annam", we removed an "N" and added an "E" to give birth to a wonderful first name for a young woman of Vietnamese origin...Thus was born "ANAME".

La famille de Chef Hong Lan
A French bistro serving Vietnamese cuisine
La famille de Chef Hong Lan
Strengths of
our kitchen
Home made
Without glutamate 
healthy and light
Reasonable prices
Vegetarian meals or
gluten free available


Another way to discover Asian cuisine!

We have selected for you the best dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. With particular attention, we have also selected exotic drinks.

The quality of our purely traditional cuisine will surprise your palate and the presentation will delight your eyes.

All this, of course without Glutamate... 

You will appreciate the atmosphere in our contemporary decorated bistro. Our concept is inspired by the 5 senses, music and fabrics are not to be outdone and complete this unique atmosphere for a romantic dinner or with friends. You will taste your dishes in the greatest comfort in complete relaxation. 

Our Chef Ange Hong-Lan

Our Chef Ange Hong Lan, born in Saigon, arrived in France at the age of 4.


After graduating from the Belliard Hotel School in Paris   and having spent a few years  in the biggest Parisian brasseries , she participated with her husband Jean-Philippe Trieu, at the launch of Restaurant ASIAN. This restaurant located on avenue George V has an immediate dazzling success!

She will then begin to travel and travel the world to open other restaurants:  Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Moscow, Geneva, Barcelona, Beirut…. What culinary inspirations!

Back in 2012, she decided, with Mr. Trieu, to create the first Vietnamese Bistrot in Paris; "Anam". Inspired by the cuisine of her ancestors, she will twist the dishes by purifying them and bringing them her personal touch.

Its point of honor is to cook without glutamate unlike other Asian restaurants. This flavor enhancer is very harmful to health.

To learn more about the effects of glutamate, present today in your daily life, here is our article: here .

The success of this Parisian bistro has made it possible to open a second one, so you can go today to Aname Montmartre and Aname a Porte Maillot.

All our cooking is homemade and without glutamate "Except the Nutella". 

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